Gallery Artoz brings you an assorted collection of wildlife photography “Fascinating Flashes”, by Devji Shrimali
The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 21, Curated by Ms. Virangana Soni of Gallery Artoz, Inaugurated by Dr. Shail Choyal (Eminent Artist), at Kala Vithi Gallery Udaipur (Raj). It is open for visitors from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on all the six days of the week, till 26th Sep.2019. There are nearly 60 exquisite photographs of birds on display.


Gallery Artoz is proud to announce the open call for International Graphic Print Exchange Program 2019!
We welcome emerging and established printmakers to participate!
Be the part of this largest printmaking event and promote Graphic Art Worldwide.

International Print Exchange Program 2019
Organised by – Gallery Artoz, India.
Curated by – Virangana Soni
Date of submission – 31/07/2019

Submission Guidelines

ACCEPTED MEDIA: Any traditional, edition printmaking process: Relief, Intaglio, Lithography, Serigraphy/Silkscreen, Collograph, etc.
Digital Print is not acceptable.

PAPER & EDITION SIZE: 8”x11” (A4 Paper size). Please use archival paper.

20 identical hand-pulled, original prints, signed and numbered beginning at 1/20 through 20/20. Each print must be interleaved with 8”x11” glassine or tissue. Variable editions and artist proofs will not be accepted.

EXCHANGE: A portfolio of 15 randomly selected prints will be mailed to each participant. Gallery Artoz will keep 5 prints from each edition submitted to the exchange for exhibitions and promotional purposes. Participants will be notified when all print exchanges have been shipped.

EXHIBITIONS: All submitted editions will be exhibited in Gallery Artoz and regionally in pop-up and traditional galleries, with dates and locations To Be Determined. Artists will be notified of exhibition dates and locations.

IMPORTANT: All prints must conform to the guidelines. Any prints that do not fit the guidelines will be returned to the artist.

SHIPPING: Your complete edition of 20 prints should be mailed in one envelope between sheets of chipboard or cardboard to protect from damage. Prints should be mailed to the address below.

SOCIAL MEDIA: As prints arrive, we’ll be uploading images to our social media pages, showcasing the variety of work and artists joining this exchange.

All work submitted must be created specifically for the Graphic Print exchange program and, as a contributing artist, you must own the intellectual property rights for all images submitted.

Please note, artists are welcome to take part each year, but we ask that only one print edition is sent per artist, per exchange.

8’ x 11” (A4 size Paper)
Note: Please ensure all prints and paper are the same size.

Minimum 1 inch clear margin required around print / image area.

Note: Due to the nature of the exchange, we cannot accept varied editions. Please ensure all prints submitted as one edition are as identical as possible to each another.

All prints must be received by 31 July 2019.

All prints must be signed and editioned in the print margin along the bottom edge of the print with the following details:

Left Hand Side - Edition Number (1/20, 2/20 ... 20/20)
Centre - Print Title
Right Hand Side - Artist's Signature/Mark & Year

There must not be any other writing/labels and/or mark making on the reverse of the print or within the print margin. Please use pencil only when signing your prints.

Chine Collé techniques must be used in conjunction with archival glues and archival papers (eg: inkjet prints are not acceptable).

Note: Each print must be fully registered on one piece of archival paper. Editions that consist of collaged prints (out of two or more paper types) will not be allowed.

All prints must be completely dry before submission.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the guidelines before submitting your print edition.

Gallery Artoz,
Virangana Soni,
36, Inside Chandpole, Gaiya Devra Road,
Udaipur (Rajasthan)313001

+91 8114414209
+91 9785221860



an exhibition of contemporary Indian graphic prints

Gallery Artoz is proud to announce the First Edition of ‘Diversity in Indian Print-Making Art’ an exhibition of contemporary Indian Graphic Prints. Our purpose is to promote Indian print-makers, showing the contemporary trends in printmaking through holding the exhibition frequently. in addition to an opportunity to appraise best works of India’s printmaking art, Thereby promoting the advent, appreciation, research, and improvement of nearby printmaking works. The exhibition features around 50 works, permitting the target audience to realize the various types of print-making art from all around the nation and to apprehend new tendencies and traits in modern-day print-making, in this exhibition, we are inviting India’s most prominent print-makers to inspire our younger print-makers and build new art lovers. These works cover a huge variety of topics, showing special creative visions and perspectives of the artists from different cultural backgrounds. Right here we're calling to all Indian print-makers to come forward and make this program a hit and get the opportunity to showcase works worldwide.

All professional print-makers are invited to participate.

NUMBER OF WORKS: Each artist is invited to submit up to two works.
EXHIBITIONS: 6th – 10th Oct 2019
EXHIBITION PLACE: Udaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai.
SIZE: 22” x 30” Paper or canvas size (horizontal / vertical)
ACCEPTED MEDIA: Open to all traditional print media and techniques. Edition print-making process: Etching, lithography, woodcuts, linocuts, silkscreen, and all forms of original printmaking including monotypes and monoprints are included. Digital Printmaking is acceptable only if combined with a traditional printmaking process. Solely Digital Prints, Photography, and Photo Copies will be not acceptable.
SURFACE: Acid-free Paper / Canvas
DEADLINE: 15th September 2019, by the end of the day.
PARTICIPATION FEES: The Participation Fee (INR 4000/- per participant) shall be paid no later than 30th of August 2019 (by Cheque / Online transfer).
ARTIST WILL GET: Participation certificate, Catalog, and promotion through social media and gallery web site. And a chance to send works free of coast in our next exhibition (accept catalog charges).
SALES: The gallery will receive a 35% commission on all artwork sold. Gallery will pay the artist 75% of the retail price of sold artwork within 30 days of the close of the exhibition. All artwork must be for sale and priced at fair market value, and prices reported in the submission should take into consideration the commission split.
RETURN OF WORKS: Artists can take their works after 6 months of the exhibition.
SHIPPING: All prints shall be sent unframed and un-mounted and packed appropriately for transportation (as the same packing will be used to send the works back) and bearing the inscriptions: ‘Print Material’ and ‘No Commercial Value’.
The organisers are not answerable for the coverage expenses of artistic endeavors and shall now not be answerable for any loss or harm because of or because of the transportation of the works.
Artists are responsible for delivery and removal of artworks including any shipping costs.


Artist Name:
Print Title:
Technique/ Medium:
For sale (Yes/no):
Price (include 35% gallery commission):
Artist statement / about work:

Gallery Artoz
State Bank of India
A/C no. – 37722292035
IFSCI – SBIN0011405
Branch – Ambamata
Udaipur ( Raj.) 313001

Virangana Soni: +91 8114414209
Gajraj Chavan: +91 9226712019
Rahul Dhiman: +91 9780826876 / 8708545914
Arvind Sharma: +91 9215440652 / 9896252235

Virangana Soni
Gallery Artoz,
36 Inside Chandpole,
Gadiya Devra Road,
Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan.
+91 8114414209

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